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I had a dream

I had a dream about Malfoy. I dreamt that I was trying to find him because he did something to me, so I was trying to find what class he was in. It was weird it was my school w/my friends in it, and I was in one of the class rooms. A bunch of kids were walking in, and then Harry, Hermione, and Ron walked it and I said hi to them. Then Draco came it(he had his head shaved, u know like Tom has it now (u know)So I grabbed his robe and said we did u talk your in trouble. Then I losted him on the way back to one of the class rooms, and he ended up being their sitting at the computer, and it pissed me off, because I thought he wasn't gonna be there.

So What I dream I had...man do I hate chasing dreams, when I walk up I'm tried from all that running, well if u thibk about it I was doing the chasing so. I don't know, just wanted to share my dream w/ my fellow Draco lovers
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